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Off the Deep End...
What sounds are we making?

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Get to Know Us

Deep End Productions is a student-run record label founded on LIU Post’s campus in 2020. Deep End Productions is closely associated with the university’s “Music Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Production” program, headed by Professor Jeff Lederer, a musician and composer based in New York. Not only does Deep End assist in the creation and distribution of its artists’ work, but it also provides students with hands-on experience managing and maintaining a record label.  

The label has released three compilations thus far featuring original music from LIU Post

students. Despite the plethora of challenges thrown their way, students demonstrated great

perseverance and determination when they released their debut album, “Off the Deep End”,

in the midst of the pandemic. Their second and third albums, respectively titled “Submerge”

and “Ripple Effect”, both showcase diverse talents across the LIU community. All of Deep End

Productions’ compilation albums are available for streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, and

Apple Music.

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